When we begin our research for assisted living transportation and senior living facilities for our aging loved ones, the first thing we keep in mind is a place that keeps them safe, cared for, and satisfied. That is exactly what we should be looking for in dependent living facilities. Many families wait till their health conditions begin to steadily deteriorate to find a senior living facility.

 transition to assisted living facilities

According to research, it has been found that more than 60% of people move their loved ones to assisted facilities within 25 months of research. Meanwhile, 25% of people will do the necessary after a month of making the initial call when choosing an assisted living facility. Sometimes, the pressure of choosing the best assisted living facilities may not be a great match for senior care coordination. There are certain criteria to look for when choosing an assisted living facility for senior care.

What to Look for When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility?

As the need for assisted living facilities is seen to be increasing in various regions in the US, it can be difficult to choose which one suits the requirements. Researching the best plan for the senior living facility can be time-consuming and a multitude of decisions need to be made. For evaluating the choices, here are some qualities to consider when choosing the right assisted living facility.

  • The location

    One of the key factors in choosing an assisted living facility is the location as it can affect the amount of assistance needed medically received from the residents. If an individual requires more assistance, it is necessary to look for assisted living facilities that offer a wide range o care service options. The level of assistance received from choosing an assisted living facility will depend on the kind of services you have chosen. Choosing the right location that provides convenience and non-emergency medical transportation services can determine the level of care received.

  • Determining the budget for the living care facility

    Every facility that offers assisted living has different budgets for its services. The choice is upon the individuals who can afford the budget of a specific assisted living facility. Each living care facility has various modes of payment, hence, allowing them to recover finances from their savings, life insurance, veteran benefits, equity, and care insurance. If a senior individual is under Medicaid, there are a few options to be considered. Assisted living facilities are not listed under Medicaid. There are exclusive options to choose from but budget accountability should always be considered.

  • Choosing from various services

    Various services in assisted living facilities are considered deal-breakers for people who require assistance. One of the important factors to consider when looking for a care facility is to check whether they have a wellness program, housekeeping services, exercise programs, medical assistance, and dining services. It is also crucial to acknowledge the management services tailored to fit the needs of senior care.

  • Accommodation considerations

    If a senior person enjoys their personal space or being around others, assisted living facilities with consideration accommodations will help them determine whether it is amongst the best assisted living facilities. Having preferences can enhance research for facilities that provide the clients with separate or individual rooms, while those who like being around others can opt for shared rooms with two or more individuals. Even if one person tends to have their pets around, we can make sure that the facilities have such accommodations. With assisted living transportation, dropping off a senior person with their accommodations in the facilities can be easily carried out without much hassle.

  • Cultural understanding

    It is not exactly possible to understand what it is like to live in an assisted living facility. Hence, it is mandatory to visit the place and scrutinize the pros and cons of the services offered. This creates an opportunity to avoid care facilities that may not be the ideal match for the person shifting to assisted living facilities. Senior citizens will more than likely spend the rest of their lives in these assisted living facilities so it is really important to have the right research in place. When checking out the facilities, plan a checklist to see their meal plans, types of community living in the facilities, types of services, etc.

Assisted Living Transportation for Seniors and Why it is Necessary?

Senior persons require transportation requirements for their treatments, appointments, outings, and shopping trips. They must have reliable assisted living transportation facilities as a core part of their senior care services. Assisted living facilities, independent living centers, adult day centers, and nursing homes do have a provision to provide both qualities of care and life with assisted living transportation services. Sometimes it can prove to be a daunting challenge when transportation services are not accommodated with the services in assisted living facilities. There are ways to incorporate and implement transportation services through in-house or outsourced services like NEMT solutions.

Outsourcing Senior Assisted Living Transportation Services with NEMT

For managing and creating a program for senior transportation, specialized expertise is necessary, so are dedicated available resources, and a cohesive plan of action for mitigating transportation risks. Why outsourcing for assisted living transportation can be more helpful is due to:

  • Provisions of safe vehicles for senior transportation that are ADA compliant, have an inbuilt stretcher, and wheelchair accommodations.
  • Outsourcing to NEMT services can reduce fuel and maintenance costs as they can add u to costs, especially for older vehicles.
  • With NEMT services partnered with assisted living facilities. Drivers are screened thoroughly and trained with the right equipment for transporting senior citizens.
  • Through workers’ compensations, NEMT drivers are often trained to move and lift passengers to avoid unnecessary injuries to the senior person.
  • A specialized NEMT service can curb the liability and insurance costs if there are any kind of accidents or risks.
  • Legal documentation, technology, planning, and administration can all work under one unified platform that saves time, is affordable, and is very user-friendly.

The bottom line is that a complete assisted living facility has programs to take on any challenges that can arise when caring for seniors. With experienced non-emergency medical transportation services in place, processing through technology efficiently can focus on delivering a better quality of care through senior transportation programs.

NEMT solutions can help medical transportation services with assistance with transportation


When you're looking for the right and the best assisted living, make sure to remember and determine the correct fit for your client. The above-mentioned criteria are vital when considering the quality of services to receive from care living facilities that can be beneficial towards a complete transition from home to assisted living facilities. With NEMT solutions and non-emergency medical transportation services can make sure senior care is provided at utmost consideration with comfortable and secure conveyance towards transportation in senior living conditions.

Integrate NEMT services to provide a seamless transition to assisted living facilities for seniors

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