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Healthcare transportation is a trending technology in the industry. With an aim to serve its customers better, faster, and seamlessly, the non-emergency medical transportation service is being adopted widely by many hospitals and transportation providers. The importance of NEMT can be summarized in just one line, that you will miss out on the best healthcare services if you have no means to reach there. It is not only cost-effective but also improves the quality of living and saves patients from the delay in preventive care.

On the same grounds, we are attending HIMSS 2020, where you can join us to know our recent achievements in the healthcare transportation sector, and know our future plans. We would also be talking about how we can be a perfect digital healthcare technology partner for your business growth, focussing on efficiency and patient care.

Where to find us:

Booth #8200 Kiosk81 - Innovation Live Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, WEST Building.


MAR 9-13, 2020

Our Branded NEMT Dispatch Solution

Health Plans

Health Plans

Right from Medicaid and Medicare plans and benefits, we work with the payers the create an affordable non-emergency medical transportation solution. This focusses on the social as well as medical needs of the patients to yield better outcomes and easier access to medical facilities.

Health Plans

Healthcare Providers

Every healthcare provider looks for better care and satisfaction for its patients. Besides, with better patient care comes more popularity of your healthcare center. Thus, we aim to create an enterprise transportation program to provide primary care to patients, along with the treatment of chronic illnesses and drop off home safely after the procedure.

Healthcare Providers
NEMT Brokers

NEMT Brokers

An ideal NEMT broker model signifies proper information exchange and coordination between broker and clients, broker and provider, or provider and client. Hence, a broker plays a key role in taking the solution from the providers to the buyers.

NEMT Brokers

Transport Providers

Transportation providers are constantly looking for ways to expand their business in different sectors, and healthcare is an obvious choice to bank upon. Integration with a NEMT dispatch system to automate your services and providing aids to non-emergency medical patients is the key motive behind investing in the healthcare transportation industry.

Transport Providers

Our Achievements

  • Johnson & Johnson GenH Challenge Winner won by Khushi Baby for the best digital healthcare solution.

  • Mobby’s Award for Excellence in Enterprise Mobility Solution in 2018, for the transport and logistics domain.

  • Mobby’s Award for Outstanding Mobile Technology for developing digital solutions for the Enterprises.

  • NFC Forum Innovation Award won by Khushi Baby in Las Vegas.

  • CES for Best Energy Monitoring App.

  • KEANE AWARD for excellence in e-Lawyering using expertise with Pocket DACA.

We invite you to fill this form or send us an appointment request at to set up a one-on-one meeting at HIMSS20, with our experts at Booth #8200 Kiosk81 - Innovation Live Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, WEST Building.

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