Operations Console

Single Platform to Manage NEMT Operations

An interactive dashboard enables the admin to quickly manage the user profiles, schedule the trip, track the real-time data and analyze to enhance the quality of service. Know more about the unique features of the admin panel.

NEMT pulse Admin Panel screens by NEMT pulse


Take a glance at the entire NEMT operations in a customizable dashboard screen.

Manage Trips

Create, edit, and manage all trips, trip requests, live locations, progress and more.

Trip Scheduling

Build an efficient schedule by assigning the least costly transportation for each trip.

Manage Drivers

Check all the drivers registered with the solution. Add, update, or remove the driver profile.

Manage Fleet

Organize the data of registered vehicles, their category, maintenance, and insurance.

Manage Clients

Manage an accurate database of your all kind of clients’ in one platform.

Real-time Tracking

Track the entire trip including location, vehicle, driver, and the patient to provide a secure NEMT solution.

Dispatch Module

Accommodate and schedule new trip requests without impacting operational efficiency.

Set Pricing

Automated and accurate pricing modules based on distance traveled and time.


Generate digital invoices to claim payments from clients and reimburse drivers.

Reporting and Analytics

Get an accurate report of trip data and facilitate data-driven decision making.

Manage Notifications

An integrated system to notify the trip details to all the associated stakeholders.

Patient App

NEMT pulse provider/patient app screens by NEMT pulse

Optimal Patient Care with Unified NEMT Solutions

Get a complete look at the provider platform that enables you to automate the schedules and routes for efficient non-emergency medical transportation.


Smart dashboard to manage real-time information and enhance performance.

HIPAA Compliant

Protection of patients’ data, privacy, and health information in a secure platform.

Automated Scheduling

Book trips in a click of a button with an automated scheduling algorithm and dispatch.

Digital Invoices

Get your customers billed for their service usage in an organized manner.

Patient Tracking

GPS technology enables you to track patients, vehicles, and receive important updates.

Patient Alerts

Get instant alerts related to trips, expected travel time, and arrival time.

Patient Feedback

Rate transportation experience on a feedback page.

Vehicle Choices

Option to pick the most suitable vehicle as per the patients’ needs.

Driver App

NEMT pulse Driver app screens by NEMT pulse

Dynamic Solution to Easily Book and Manage Rides

Native app module for drivers with detailed ride information and the real-time status.

Native Apps

Get native iOS and Android apps for your NEMT fleet for a seamless performance.


A detailed display of the entire trip, including pick and drop timing, scheduled trips, earnings, ratings, etc.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can switch between offline and online mode using the toggle button.

Real-time Requests

Real-time transportation requests to drivers on the app.

Nurse/Patient Signatures

During pick-up, the drivers can get the signatures from the nurse and patient to mark their presence for the aid.

Route Navigation

Navigation powered by Google maps for seamless transport service for non-medical patients.

SOS Button

An emergency button for the drivers to access in emergency situations.

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